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So we might not be one of the big dogs of hotels.  But we are working on bringing our own approach to social media and hospitality.  We are not just here to give you a bed to sleep in, we are here to have a little fun and show you a different side.


Smiles After Your Miles

Walking into The South Loop Hotel, the amazing wood grained pillars might be one of the first things that catches your attention when being a guest at our boutique hotel.  Walk in a little further, and we assure you that is just the beginning. From our sunlight passage taking our guests from one wing of our hotel to another, it is beautifully decorated and themed to reflect the rich culture and heritage of our South Loop and Bronzeville  neighborhoods.  From the artwork on the walls to the design, each and every piece has been handpicked and positioned to help make you as our guests feel as relaxed and at ease while on your trip to Chicago.

As you begin to look around you realize that it is not just the beauty of the location that makes us stand apart from other hotels in Chicago, it is our rich and diverse hospitality group that we call family that brings everything together.  From our non-stop work of our engineers, ensuring that not a detail is missed or issue goes unresolved, to our smiling and always glowing housekeeping staff, who put those finishing touches with making that extra bit go a long way to makes you and your traveling companions can rest assured that you are in great hands.

The true character of our elite team of hospitality pofessionals is taking even further as you approach the front reception area.  Handling anything from phone calls, to a guest who is checked-in and needs something taken to their room, our front desk crew does not skip a beat or miss the chance at smiling and greating anyone walking into our doors.  If you are one of our regular guests either staying here in the City or a client entertaining guests in one of our varied event spaces now offered, you most likely have seen the energetic and smiling dynamic duo of Yvonne and Yolanda.  From going the extra steps as a co-worker to helping out in various departments to lend a hand when needed or just simply answering a question from a passerby.  These two do it with enthusiasm and passion, which is what we as a hotel have been lucky to call these two one of ours.  They are as unique as the art on the walls, and given the opportunity to make a guest who has just gotten to us from a long day of travel, bringing smiles after your traveling of miles is what makes so many of the people we are honored to have stay with us returning time afterr time.

So next time you are walking through the lobby or on your way to dinner, make sure you stop off and say hi to any of our great members that is ready and willing to make sure not just your stay with us is one to remember, but your entire trip to Chicago is one that will lead you already planning your next getaway with us.  

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Good Luck Redhawks!

Southeast Highlights vs Centenary

We wanted to thank Coach Kristi Ewasko and her team of champions for choosing once again to stay with us while fighting their way to another championship this Sunday at UIC. Coack Ewasko of the Southeast Missouri Redhawks, is no ordinary coach. Her leadership with her team does not end after a season or meet. Being head coach since 2010, Ewasko has not just focused on the hard work of becoming championships with her team and their own individual achievements in gymnastics, but leads a team of academically prominent gymnasts as well.

We wish Coach and The Redhawks Gymnastics team the best of luck at their meet on Sunday!

To read more about the team and their amazing year so far check them out here:


Watch the live stats for Sunday’s meet at 2:00pm:


Impact the World with Your Words

Michelle J. Miller, Esq., D. Min.

Monthly Visionary Writing Workshop for Aspiring Authors. Visit us on Facebook for more event information and tickets at http://on.fb.me/1x0C5nX

Michelle J. Miller is a servant-leader that has learned to identify adversities and tragedies of life as catalysts of success. Today, Michelle shows others how to use these catalysts of character building as pathways to becoming champions of personal change. She is a corporate attorney with over a decade of experience, an author, motivational speaker, licensed managing real estate broker. Michelle is also a single mother who inspires others to pursue their visions of success, ignites them to pursue their passion with persistence, and demonstrate how each of us has the ability to impact the world. She is the author of two e-books, “Entering into Your Wealthy Place: A Forty Day Journey Out of Your Financial Wilderness” and “Blueprints for Wise Master Builders of Wealth” and she will be releasing two new books this year. Michelle has a heart to help people embrace their purpose, the power of their story and the importance of their voice so in January 2015 she started a monthly workshop entitled “Impact the World with Your Words: A Visionary Writing Workshop for Aspiring Authors” and the “Chicago Aspiring Authors MeetUp”.Michelle obtained a B.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne, a Certificate of Chinese Law from the Beijing University of Political Science in Law, a JD from the DePaul College of Law and a D.Min. from the Word Bible College. She will obtain her LLM in International Business & Trade Law from the John Marshall Law School in Spring 2015.

Connect with Michelle Miller everywhere:
Twitter @MichelleJMiller
Instagram @IamMichelleJMiller
Facebook http://www.facebook/michellejmiller

And to learn more about Michelle, sponsor a visionary event or to request her as a speaker please visit:

The Power of Travel

Ever wonder the full impact and importance that travel really has on our economy?  From job creation to its economic impact.  The Travel Coalition breaks it down state by state.  Click here to really see how together we are helping fuel the US and why you need to book your next trip today.

Girl on Fire

If the name Michelle J. Miller is not a name that you have heard of, it is one you will soon know. With a passion and devotion for empowerment and human rights, Michelle J. Miller is an unstoppable force with limitless opportunities for herself.  Her expertise ranges from a variety of areas of law to having instrumental roles in non-profits helping in human rights, protecting individuals in insurance issues and claims, and the list goes on. 

Where Michelle really stands above the rest is in her leadership and her genuine wish to unlock individuals potential. Almost anyone can speak to people, but when Michelle Miller has the opportunity to spread her knowledge, she motivates individuals and groups in ways that you have to see for yourself. 

She has taken her passion for philanthropy along with her giving nature, and has been transitioning the power of speaking to the power of words.  We are pleased to announce that Michelle J. Miller is hosting another event with us once again at the South Loop Hotel for another inspirational and motivational writing workshop on March 21, 2015. The event is called “Impact the World with Your Words,” and with Michelle to guide and inspire, your words will do just that. Please take a moment to check Michelle J. miller out and get your tickets before they sell out. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and gain the valuable knowledge that Michelle has to offer.  Check out the links below for tickets and event info.  We look forward to seeing the future leaders that Michelle is coaching on the 21st. 

Limited Tickets Left at : 


Or for more information on Michelle J Miller please e-mail her at infor@michellejmiller.com or visit her Facebook Page:



“Mr. White Sox” Laid to Rest Saturday

When you write a post or an article, you sometimes do it without realizing the true legend you are writing about. It is a name you may have heard or recognized, but do not completely make the connection of who they are as a person, not just an athlete. As the Chicago South Loop Hotel, we do have strong roots to the South Side, and of course our amazing Chicago White Sox. Loving a team and it’s players is one thing, but understanding the history of some of the legends that were part of its history is a part often missed.  Saturday, a man who should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame years ago, a Chicago icon and trailblazer, Minnie Minoso was laid to rest.
Born in Cuba, Minoso was raised on the values of hard work to have the basics one needs to survive and provide for their loved ones. He may not have grown up with much in terms of materialistic items, but was raised in a loving and caring family, working right by his fathers side in the fields each day. His passion for baseball began in the sugar fields he worked in, with each sugar field having their own team. That is where a young, poor Cuban boy with no electricity, no radio, and even without a baseball glove, followed his passion and his heart to become a name that will always be a huge part in the history of not just the White Sox but Major League Baseball.
Opening the door and a path for Cubans to come to America and pursue their dream in the MLB, Minoso was the first black Latino to play for the Chicago White Sox.  The distinction is not often made that Minoso was faced with the racism from being biracial.  But through it all, his spirit was never broken and he continued to play with a smile on his face.  In 1951 Minoso stepped up to the plate for his first time up to bat here on the South Side, and hit a homer.  That first home run was just 1 of the 186 throughout his career.  In the 1950’s there were two players who had 100 HR and 100 SB while still hitting .300, Willie Mays who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1979, and our beloved “Mr. White Sox.”  While this was said to weigh heavy on Minoso until his last days, he was still a man who at the end of the day would just smile.  He may have not made the Hall of Fame, but to fans of the sport, and the many people he touched and mentored in his lifetime, he is greater than most of the people who have their pictures hanging on the walls in Cooperstown.
From the Chicago South Loop Hotel, our hearts, prayers, and condolences go out to the family and friends of the late and great Minnie Minoso.  As a true Chicagoan though, we know that to truly honor a hero and a person of Minnie’s caliber, is to remember the man underneath the jersey.  The man who had two major passions, playing ball and making sure he went through life smiling.  So on that we leave you with a quote that will help you remember the person he was:
“The most important thing in my life?  The fans.  To have a smile, and pay them back with a smile.” – Minnie Minoso