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Ready For A Getaway

I think Chicago’s weather has stuck around a little too long….time to start day dreaming!




HOT Magazine March Issue


The March Issue of Hot Magazine is amazing it features the work of the Incredibly talented Aquage team, to which I have the great honor of being a part of.

This collection called the Aria Collection, is my favorite collection to date, after lots of practice I can say I am ready to go on stage Saturday and show our collection to all the hair stylist who will be able to make it to Americas Beauty Show 2015 ( ABS for short) Here at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Please stop by the Aquage booth to see the amazing styles that the team has put together!

Here is the link to check out the entire collection : ARIA

Below you will find my contribution to the collection! Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.36.49 PM

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David Carr: 1956-2015


David Carr, the acclaimed journalist, media columnist for The New York Times, and author of the bestselling Night of the Gun,died Thursday in New York at the age of 58.

Here is a brief reading list of stories by and about Carr, his life and work. It doesn’t even begin to cover it. We will miss him.

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find, Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon, And Grits.

Empires, Cannibals, and Magic Fish Bones

It’s late, cold and I’m drinking Jefferson’s Kentucky Bourbon Very Small Batch.  Much spice and vanilla on the nose with citrus notes everywhere–green apples and rum in there as well.  Taste?  Very clean, refreshing, slightly sour with red-hot candy, anise, a bit of lemon, bit of grass, and cookie dough.


A roll of nectar in the mouth, head tilts back, eyes close and the mind wanders to the past.  In this case, Flannery O’Connor’s insightful diagnosis of memory in her classic short story A Good Man Is Hard To Find.  Over the years, I’ve read and re-read this story, assigned it in various classes, and discussed with students its many aspects of the absurd, grotesque and violent.  The story also contemplates our relationship to memories and what might happen when the past shapes the present.  The following scene occurs halfway through the tale, and marks a turning point…

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We Are Catching On

So we might not be one of the big dogs of hotels.  But we are working on bringing our own approach to social media and hospitality.  We are not just here to give you a bed to sleep in, we are here to have a little fun and show you a different side.

Smiles After Your Miles

Walking into The South Loop Hotel, the amazing wood grained pillars might be one of the first things that catches your attention when being a guest at our boutique hotel.  Walk in a little further, and we assure you that is just the beginning. From our sunlight passage taking our guests from one wing of our hotel to another, it is beautifully decorated and themed to reflect the rich culture and heritage of our South Loop and Bronzeville  neighborhoods.  From the artwork on the walls to the design, each and every piece has been handpicked and positioned to help make you as our guests feel as relaxed and at ease while on your trip to Chicago.

As you begin to look around you realize that it is not just the beauty of the location that makes us stand apart from other hotels in Chicago, it is our rich and diverse hospitality group that we call family that brings everything together.  From our non-stop work of our engineers, ensuring that not a detail is missed or issue goes unresolved, to our smiling and always glowing housekeeping staff, who put those finishing touches with making that extra bit go a long way to makes you and your traveling companions can rest assured that you are in great hands.

The true character of our elite team of hospitality pofessionals is taking even further as you approach the front reception area.  Handling anything from phone calls, to a guest who is checked-in and needs something taken to their room, our front desk crew does not skip a beat or miss the chance at smiling and greating anyone walking into our doors.  If you are one of our regular guests either staying here in the City or a client entertaining guests in one of our varied event spaces now offered, you most likely have seen the energetic and smiling dynamic duo of Yvonne and Yolanda.  From going the extra steps as a co-worker to helping out in various departments to lend a hand when needed or just simply answering a question from a passerby.  These two do it with enthusiasm and passion, which is what we as a hotel have been lucky to call these two one of ours.  They are as unique as the art on the walls, and given the opportunity to make a guest who has just gotten to us from a long day of travel, bringing smiles after your traveling of miles is what makes so many of the people we are honored to have stay with us returning time afterr time.

So next time you are walking through the lobby or on your way to dinner, make sure you stop off and say hi to any of our great members that is ready and willing to make sure not just your stay with us is one to remember, but your entire trip to Chicago is one that will lead you already planning your next getaway with us.  

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