Girl on Fire

If the name Michelle J. Miller is not a name that you have heard of, it is one you will soon know. With a passion and devotion for empowerment and human rights, Michelle J. Miller is an unstoppable force with limitless opportunities for herself.  Her expertise ranges from a variety of areas of law to having instrumental roles in non-profits helping in human rights, protecting individuals in insurance issues and claims, and the list goes on. 

Where Michelle really stands above the rest is in her leadership and her genuine wish to unlock individuals potential. Almost anyone can speak to people, but when Michelle Miller has the opportunity to spread her knowledge, she motivates individuals and groups in ways that you have to see for yourself. 

She has taken her passion for philanthropy along with her giving nature, and has been transitioning the power of speaking to the power of words.  We are pleased to announce that Michelle J. Miller is hosting another event with us once again at the South Loop Hotel for another inspirational and motivational writing workshop on March 21, 2015. The event is called “Impact the World with Your Words,” and with Michelle to guide and inspire, your words will do just that. Please take a moment to check Michelle J. miller out and get your tickets before they sell out. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and gain the valuable knowledge that Michelle has to offer.  Check out the links below for tickets and event info.  We look forward to seeing the future leaders that Michelle is coaching on the 21st. 

Limited Tickets Left at :

Or for more information on Michelle J Miller please e-mail her at or visit her Facebook Page:



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