Having an event? Consider it Handled!

With a career in hotels, Sheila Ward has an extensive background in hotel management and sales. As the Director of Sales at the Chicago South Loop Hotel, Sheila has crafted this boutique hotel into a premier location for events, meetings, and bulk room listings for the Greater Chicago Area. Her expertise and ability to see the vision of her clients along with any detail that might be overlooked is what has made her the South Loop Hotel’s star. Of her numerous awards that she has received from various companies and organizations, her greatest accomplishment is meeting the needs of her clients and guests. With a leadership style that has brought a following, her “Gladiators” mirror her image to ensure that if she is not available to handle someones needs, that they are properly trained and self-motivated to achieve the standards she has set forth.

Next time you have an event, meeting, or corporate function, make sure you reach out to the amazing sales staff and consider your event done. Visit us at http://www.ChicagoSouthLoopHotel.com or call us at 312-225-7000.


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