Are we drunk drivers??? Oh no wait, we just swerving to avoid potholes!!!!!

See the trends from 2011-2014 on progress with our potholes

City to use Stimulus funds to fix Thousands of Potholes
May 2011

City officials say that they will use federal stimulus funds to help repair the hundreds of thousands of potholes that are plaguing Chicago drivers, CLTV reports. They claim to have patched 280,000 potholes since the beginning of December.


March 2013
β€œPotholepalooza” was the theme for 2013

That’s according to officials at the Chicago Department of Transportation, who say March is generally the month the department gets the most requests to fix potholes around the city.

But this year, Chicago is on pace to have the least severe pothole season in at least four years, according to the CDOT numbers.

For the 2012-2013 “pothole season,” which started in November, CDOT has received 13,043 customer service requests from city residents and has filled 143,474 potholes. Last season, the department received 24,066 requests and filled 239,730 potholes. If March numbers this season are close to the average, this winter could be the least severe in at least four years.


Jan/ Feb 2014
So now we have a Pothole Tracker to show proof that the city is really working on improving the streets with repairing the taxpayer money on fixing these potholes.

FILES - Picture taken on March 8, 2010 s

The pothole tracker debuted a week after Mayor Rahm Emanuel said crews would be working seven days a week until spring to fill potholes around the city. Crews fixed more than 625,000 potholes around the city last year, according to Fox Chicago. Please click link below to view it.

Please send pictures of your potholes (neighborhood, streets, etc.)???

How do you feel about the improvement of the potholes in your area??? Please share….


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