Happy Fourth of July!


Blackhawks Vs Tampa Bay Lightning

With it being game 4 for the Stanley Cup Finals of our hometown Blackhawks Vs Tampa Bay Lightning, we have decided to offer a great deal for tonight only of $40 off an upgraded room! So enjoy the game and get a great room at a great rate! Click on the link below and see our Hawks Special:

South Loop Hawks Special

The Meaning of Today

We are hoping everyone is having a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend! As you do enjoy your weekend, please take a moment of silence and remember the sacrifice that was given by so many. 

When walking around the The Art Institute of Chicago and you see those lions standing tall and proud, think of the strength, courage, and bravery they stand for. They are the embodiment and symbol of what today is about. In the wild the lion is the protection of their pride, just as the ones we honor today.


Riot Fest Coming South! 

 Don’t worry about the move of Riot fest to Douglas Park. We figured to ease your pain for those that maybe have to travel a little further and need a place to sleep, that we would welcome you to the area with a special rate just for Riot Fest goers!  Here is a welcome present on us:



Take A Moment & Relax

There are so many hidden spots around our amazing city. Whether visiting Chicago on vacation or heading to work, take that turn down that less traveled route or down that stairway that looks like it leads to nothing too adventurous, and enjoy that moment of relaxation and nothing too exciting. You would be surprised at how quiet the city can be when you detach from the world and just take in the fresh air.